Fashion Invasion is an electronic band from Los Angeles, CA., US. The band was formed in late 2008 by Bryan Galvez. Their influences are: pop, rock and electronic. Bands like Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, and New Order play a major role in shaping the sound of Fashion Invasion.

Fashion Invasion has released an LP, several singles-including some with guest vocalists-and a remix. The band is currently performing gigs in the Los Angeles area and is working on a brand-new single for their forthcoming album. The new LP is scheduled to be released sometime in the next year.

Now is the time to check out a new kind of electronic music that the world would love to hear. Fashion Invasion is a band that sees no limitations to their creative forces. The band is more than excited to show the world the future of what they have to offer.


Bryan Galvez-Songwriting and Production